Posted by Matt Wayne on Jun 3rd 2021

Starting Back At The Market!

Hi everyone. I haven’t written a blog post in about, well, many years! It’s been a particularly difficult year for everyone and I was not excluded. The Market shut down and I found myself seeking out ways to eak out a living online. It started off ok, doing Facebook live feeds and that kind of thing. Thanks to all who watched and purchased and supported me and the monsters! There were lots of you and I really appreciate all of the support. But, as time went on, it just started feeling weird talking to a screen and watching viewers come and go…it was a bit off putting. I may be trying it again here soon, but at the time, I just stopped being into it.

I found myself pursuing all kinds of other interests, like animation on Blender and 3D printing. It was all a hoot, but eventually I found myself drawing again. Only this time it was just for me and that was pretty cool. I ended up finding some different veins to mine and now have a bunch of things that I think will be fun to share.

Speaking of sharing. I am getting ready for my first Market selling in over a year! The market has been open with limited vendors since late April, but I have delayed due to my concerns about the Covid. I have a little asthma, so I really wanted to be vaccinated before I returned. So, two weeks since my second vaccine and I’m ready to market!

Another thing I did was raise my prices a bit. I hadn’t raised my tee prices in 9 years so I upped them a little. I’m sure you all understand. I’m also looking into getting some online screen printing help. If you have ordered from me, you may have waited a long time…especially since Covid and the difficulty getting sizes and colors from distributors. Anyway, there are a few outfits that will screen some of the tee’s for me and save me a lot of time and stress! They have some great color options and they use the same Bella Canvas tee’s I love. I’m doing quality checks right now and have been really impressed with the results.

One thing that will be fun with the help, is that I can start to add more images and not have to have all of the screens here at the studio in order to make each one. I could potentially have 100’s of fun design options online! So, I’ll keep you posted on that.

Just to be clear though, all tee’s that I sell at the market will be printed by me. Actually, it’s a market rule that the vendor screen print all of their tee’s themselves, so I’ll still be doing that. And I like that because the bulk printing is really kind of fun and easy to do. It’s the individual printing on different colors etc that gets kinda difficult.

Oh yeah, I grew a beard, but have since shaved it off.

Well, that’s me in a nutshell right now. Hope to see some of you down at the Portland Saturday Market this year! I’ll keep you posted as things develop!