Posted by Matt Wayne on Mar 5th 2023

Half Moon Bay!

Tales of a traveling vendor! That’s me now it seems…

As most of you know, I’m primarily a Saturday Market guy. It’s such a great show and so easy for a fella who lives in these parts. Same space every week, same load in load out. Pretty ideal. So why venture out when everything is working just fine right here?

Adventure my friends!

I was ready for some adventure and I have the perfect occupation for just that. Do some shows in other places. Grow the brand. See new things. The conditions were perfect, so I took the plunge. First stop, Northern California.

Last October, I had the amazing experience of participating in the 50th Annual Art & Pumpkin Festival in Half Moon Bay California. It was my first show outside of the Pacific Northwest and my first big “Art” festival. For years I had decided that a t-shirt slinger like myself would be barred from art shows as I had be rejected by many based on that criteria, t-shirt guy. However, I was encouraged to apply to this show by a vendor friend who thought I’d have no problem getting in. They were right and I was happily surprised by my acceptance. One of the differences between me and other t-shirt folks is that I make all of my designs, screens and print each tee by hand. That seemed to be a big factor for the jury at The Art & Pumpkin Festival.

Anyway, that show was a huge hit for me! My sales were off the chart and I was in front of a whole new group of folks who were excited by my stuff, signed up for the email and were a delight to interact with. The drive was long (about 12 hours with stops) but it was an adventure! I saw new stuff, ate at new places and met a bunch of really wonderful folks. Besides that, sales on my website jumped...all from the Northern California region. Hmmm.

Needless to say, when I got back, I looked for more adventures!

Spring Fountain Festival of Fine Art and Craft in Fountain Hills Arizona. I had heard good things and I applied. I was accepted and I went! I’d never been to Arizona and I’d never gone on a road trip that far by myself before (20 plus hours on Google Maps). Oh, this would be an adventure. Getting home would be one too!