Bartholomew The Halloween Bat

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Bartholomew the Halloween Bat. There's a story there somewhere and I think you should write it:) 

This is a stencil for you to carve onto your own pumpkin. It works best if you have a carving kit (the folks at Grampa Bardeen made this pattern for me and they offer really amazing carving kits, if you're interested). But if not, a small knife will work.

1. Get all the goo out of your pumpkin.

2. Tape your stencil onto the pumpkin really, really stuck.

3. Use your poke tool or a toothpick and poke holes along the black line pretty close together (1/8 to 1/4 inch apart).

4. Remove stencil and follow the poke holes with your knife, removing the pieces as they become loose.

5. Stand back and revel in your amazing skill!

You can also us this technique for your own designs! The trick is to make the pattern in such a way that the pieces of the picture are separate and keep the pumpkin in tact. If you get a good one, copy it off and share it with your friends and me! I'd love to see it!